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Unlocking Treasury Excellence: Elevate Efficiency with Streamlined Management

Revolutionize treasury operations for optimal results through streamlined management and innovative platforms.


How Deaglo makes the difference in your international operations


Performance Monitoring

Continuously monitor performance and adjust strategies as needed.




Make informed decisions on cash management, investments, risk, and global operations.


Strategic Analysis

Use analytics to suggest strategies, compare products, and generate strategic recommendations.

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Data Integration

Consolidate data from core banking and treasury systems into our centralized platform.

Your all-in-one FX hedging platform

Enhanced Efficiency

Centralize data and implement automated reporting processes to optimize operational workflows for greater efficiency.

Advanced Risk Management

Use simulation tools and scenario modeling to refine strategies and improve risk-adjusted results, bolstering overall risk management capabilities.

Operational Optimization

Harness powerful analytics tools to enhance working capital management, maximize results, and achieve operational efficiencies.

Enhanced Collaboration

Facilitate alignment among stakeholders by sharing interactive dashboards, fostering seamless collaboration and decision-making processes.

Cash Management

Use our platform to seamlessly monitor historical hedge efficiency, track daily changes in collateral, and assess the implied opportunity cost. Stay informed with up-to-date insights on all relevant hedge indicators and measures for your portfolio.

Live Hedged Dashboard

Access Real-Time Market Data, Tailored Trade Suggestions, and Live Mark-to-Market (MtM) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Updates for Your Portfolio.

Unlock your FX potential with Deaglo's suite of cutting-edge tools:


Master hedging: Explore parameters and product performance.

Cash Management

Track portfolio performance and hedging parameters.

Strategy Simulator

Optimize strategies in real time.

Margin Simulator

Streamline FX strategies in real time.

Hedged vs Unhedged

Optimize layered hedging strategies.

FX Options Builder

Create better, more powerful FX Options strategies.

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