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Create better, more powerful FX options strategies

Navigate FX markets with data-backed precision

Discover Deaglo’s FX Options Builder

Real-Time Performance Insight

Evaluate a strategy's profitability with real-time data, assessing its "in the money" or "out of the money" status agaisnt both Spot and Forwards.

Strategy Library Creation

Build your library of custom strategies and easily review, modify, and share them to facilitate informed discussions.

Effortless Reporting

Generate downloadable PDF reports for straightforward distribution and record-keeping.

Hedging Term Comparisons

Compare various tenors with the most up-to-date market information, enabling you to maximize carry and steer clear of unfavorable hedging expenses.

AI/ML-Powered Analysis 

Evaluate your strategies across 10,000+ potential market scenarios using Monte Carlo analysis, incorporating various skews and market sentiments.

Flexible Options Building

Customize your options with up to 4 legs, choose your desired notional, and select the perfect strike price to meet your unique needs.

Make better data-driven decisions with your FX Options strategy

All-in-one platform for analyzing and optimizing your FX Options Strategy.

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Tailored risk strategies

Craft strategies that align with your unique risk profile, optimizing your hedging ratio, liquidity efficiency and fortifying your financial position.


Optimized execution

Optimize your FX strategy execution by  leveraging our global network of  financial institutions.

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Full service client support

Navigate effortlessly with a full-service help center, tutorial library, and personalized assistance from our client support and FX risk expert teams.

Explore our tools

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Master hedging: Explore parameters and product performance

Explore hedging dynamics: Customize parameters and analyze product performance.

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