FX exposure can come through foreign currency expenses or revenues, and we have the tools to manage the risk. Using proven hedging protocols, and efficient low-cost execution, we empower financial teams to stabilize net revenues and maintain profitability.

We understand how corporates must manage and account for FX risk, whether it be forecast or booked items. Our systematic approach to risk management helps reduce volatility in your income statement, manage revaluation gain or loss, and integrate the two seamlessly with minimum workload for your team.


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Our Corporate Clients choose us for...

Cash Flow Hedging

"Deaglo's cash flow hedging program handled a number of local currencies and hedge ratio.  We could choose between layering, rolling or “fire and forget” methods. Their layering strategy reduced our effective volatility by 65-70%."

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Balance Sheet Hedging​

"Deaglo's balance sheet hedging manages our net monetary asset revaluation risk very accurately. We were able to integrate it with our cash flow program seamlessly and complete our corporate FX risk program, appeasing our shareholders."

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Risk Analysis

"Quantifying FX risk was an important first step in our risk management program. Deaglo's Value at Risk and Expected Shortfall simulations helped us understand which risks are material to us and which one were not."

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Transaction Cost Analysis​

"We were shocked to realize what our bank was charging us on our SPOT transactions. Their transaction cost analysis saved us at least 1% which went straight to our bottom line - well worth the 5 minutes it took us to do!"

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Our Cross-border Content is designed to answer questions you may have about the world of cross-border transactions. If you have further questions that aren't covered by our articles, feel free to contact our team.

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