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Cross Border Banking

Cross-border banking has become the new normal as the global markets become more accessible to investors and companies. It is important that as these opportunities arise, a firm has the correct infrastructure in place to deal with these exciting opportunities. Our multi-currency accounts were specifically designed to handle every aspect of a cross border transaction.

Pool Investor Capital

Deploy Overseas

Protect Investors

Hedge Returns

Why Clients Choose Our Accounts...

1 Day Account Opening

Open an account for your Firm or SPV in as little as 1 working day.

140+ Currencies

Send and receive in over 140 local currencies from 1 account. Perfect for collecting capital, overseas revenues and making international payments.



No minimum transaction size and no maintenance fees.

0% Hedging Facilities

Place hedges at both the investor or the investment level. You can even hedge your portfolio company risk with as little as 0% deposit.


Our accounts can be opened in jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg and Delaware.


of Funds

Our banking partner's regulatory obligations require them to segregate client's funds, as part of safeguarding arrangements, with the worlds largest banks...Read More

Want To Learn More About Cross Border Banking?

Our Cross-border Content is designed to answer questions you may have about the world of cross-border transactions. If you have further questions that aren't covered by our articles, feel free to contact our team.

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