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Discover Deaglo 2.0: The Future of FX Sales

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Revolutionize FX hedging strategies with Deaglo's Innovative Platform. Unlock opportunities, maximize sales and showcase expertise.

Unlock your FX potential with Deaglo's suite of cutting-edge tools:


Explore a range of hedging tools and simulators to uncover optimal strategies tailored to your needs. Discover tools that can help your clients maximize their hedging efficiency and minimize risk with ease.

Cash Management

Simplify and streamline data collection process for
exposures, trades, assets, and liabilities. Clients can gain clarity and control over your cash flow management with efficiency in reporting.

Strategy Simulator

Obtain valuable insights by comparing hedging
performances across various markets. Clients can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve with strategic foresight by comparing strategies.

Margin Simulator

Gain clarity on cash reserves with our margin and collateral analysis tools. Clients can stay prepared for margin calls and collateral needs through  detailed strategy simulations. Minimizing disruptions and maintaining smooth operations with confidence.

Hedged vs Unhedged

Our platform provides clear visual comparisons between hedged and unhedged strategies, allowing clients to make better decisions. Assess potential cost and volatility reductions effortlessly, enabling informed choices for optimized outcomes.

FX Options Builder

Optimize your FX Options strategy effortlessly in one
place. Simplify complexity and seize new market opportunities. Enable clients to harness the power of optimized option strategies with ease and

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