Deaglo saved a Credit Fund Manager $296,800 a year and improved annual fund return by 1.5%

Key takeaways

New and Emerging managers are often subject to poor rates and worse collateral terms than their larger peers due to their lack of trade volume and history. 

Reducing your hedging costs brings you in line with the bigger competitors allowing you to boost returns and attract more investors. 

Improving your investor returns could lead to increased subscriptions and stronger relationships.


The client was investing in European debt and had hedged share classes in both USD and GBP totaling EUR 20m of AUM.

The client (like most new funds) was required to post 10% in collateral with their bank and were being charged 18bps per month to roll their hedges. Their Return on Investment (ROI), assuming no FX movement, is a consistent 5%.


Deaglo ran a Transaction Cost Analysis to draw out the costs and determine the impact that the collateral and roll costs would have on the performance of the fund.


It was important to understand how much investor capital was tied up in collateral as this could significantly reduce the performance.

Annual collateral costs = Collateral * ROI  = EUR 100,000

The total spread costs were then calculated

Annual execution costs = Annual volume / 100 * monthly roll cost = EUR 388,800


Additional investors were not expected to join the share class; therefore the roll amount stayed at 18m EUR per month.


Once we had determined the impact we worked with both existing and new providers to reduce the collateral and the roll/swap costs.

Screenshot 2021-06-18 at 14.28.19.png
Screenshot 2021-06-18 at 14.28.28.png

Through our preferred hedging partners we were able to reduce the collateral for 1 month hedges to 0% for initial margin and also variation. 

We were able to showcase the potential savings for switching providers and the subsequent value this would have for their investors. The key results were as follows:

Annual Collateral Drag = 0%

Provider A annual costs = EUR 192,000

Savings = EUR 296,800

Deaglo saved the client EUR 296,800 on an annual basis and also improved their funds' predicted returns by 1.48%.

Screenshot 2021-06-18 at 14.29.18.png
Screenshot 2021-06-18 at 14.29.27.png

The bar chart below shows the old returns and the new returns over a 3-year period.

Screenshot 2021-06-18 at 15.33.53.png

The bar chart below shows the old returns and the new returns over a 3-year period.

Screenshot 2021-06-18 at 15.34.06.png

Understanding the impact of collateral drag and FX fees on overall returns is important for emerging fund managers that need to squeeze out every drop of return.

The improvement meant the client became more appealing to investors. Their share class improvement meant some of their current investors increased their investments and they were able to win new investors; this grew their AUM from 20-100m Euros.

Don't take our word for it

Deaglo's tools helped us to explain to our investors the FX risk associated with investing in Brazil and highlight the steps we were taking to mitigate it. This meant we were able to make our investors feel comfortable and ultimately successfully raise with highly sophisticated investors.

Marcelo - Jive.jpg

Marcelo Martins

Managing Director & Co-Founder
Jive Investments

Deaglo has been a great resources. We are now able to visualize the impact of currency fluctuations in times of high volatility on our existing hedging positions and ensure that liquidity risk is properly managed.

Marcelo - Jive.jpg

Greg Racz

MGG Investment Group LP

Hedging against FX risk added a level of safety to our offshore investments. We used Deaglo´s tools to help us lower costs and reduce credit requirements, which has helped us to boost our returns.

Vinicius - IG4.jpg

Vinicius Cunha

Deputy Director
IG4 Capital


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