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Why Deaglo?

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Attract International Investors Analyzing and implementing the returns of a hedged share classes will help you to close significantly more International investors.

Boost IRR hedged strategies can outperform unhedged in positive, neutral and negative market skews.

Stabilize Returns Using long terms hedging strategies you are able to effectively estimate your returns with ease.

Reduce Costs Effective analysis of a hedging programing can save you thousandseach roll

The Most Powerful FX Risk Management Platform

Quickly quantify your firm's FX risk with Value at Risk and Expected Value.

Run 1000's of Monte Carlo simulations in the cloud to compare hedging strategy performance.

Estimate the likelihood of a margin call and the optimum amount of collateral to set-aside.

Want to know how much it costs for a certain amount of coverage? Our efficiency frontier ensures you get maximum value for every dollar.

Hedge exotic currencies using our machine learning powered FX Proxy Hedging and avoid expensive bank fees.

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Are you ready to super charge your international presence?

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Are you ready to super charge your international presence?