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FX is often considered an occupational hazard and is subsequently ignored because firms deem it too difficult, too time-consuming and/or too expensive to spend time understanding it. We take pride in breaking down complex strategies and displaying them into simple and easy to understand strategies and content, whilst highlighting the situations where and when you shouldn't consider FX hedging.


Thought Leadership

Our Advisory Team has decades of experience working on complex FX hedging solutions for large and small companies.

We channel this expertise into articles aimed at educating when and how to successfully hedge. 

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Currency Reports

Our analysts take a look at the market drivers for the worlds most prominent currencies. They look at politics, key data releases and the latest news and trends.

Get ahead of the next black swan event with our Daily Market Commentary.

#3things Weekly Newsletter

We got fed up with reading the same click-bait news over and over again. We wanted to create something that was neutral and balanced in view.


Every week our team takes a look at three news stories that haven't been widely covered but are having a large impact on the economy.

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