Work at DEAGLO

It could be the best decision you have ever made.

We are a completely remote and global team


We are on a mission to revolutionize the way
cross border transactions are completed.

It's a lofty goal, but one that our ever growing and diverse team is dedicated to achieving. 

Founded in 2019, we are a fast-growing FinTech with the core purpose of innovating in an industry

devoid of original thought.


As a firm, we value the initiative and push each member every day to ask themselves, is there a better way?


If you want to come and work with us, we promise it will be hard work and that there will be challenges that seem insurmountable. But we guarantee that we will be right there with you, from the top of the company to the bottom, working on the problems together to achieve our collective success

Our Values

We care about what we are building and who we build it with.










We know our weaknesses

We take ownership of them

We push ourselves and each other to improve everyday

What I do... What I've done... What I will do...

1. Out of the box thinking - taking science
concepts and reapplying them to solve FX problems.

2. Patents, inventions, bouncing lasers off the moon and building an airplane.

3. Continue to use my powers for good.

Paul Stafford.png

Paul Stafford


1. Help global firms to navigate new markets with our tools and deliverables.

2. Maximize client revenues and protect liabilities against market risk.

3. Push the team to continue to make vital client products.

Matheus Zani.png

Matheus Zani

Risk Management Specialist

1. I optimize clients trading through technology and infrastructure 

2. I've managed billions of dollars of client trades.

3. I will build an innovative trading infrastructure to optimize cross-border banking.

Dan Porto.png

Dan Porto

Head of Banking and Infrasructure

1. Drive growth through outstanding content and personal connections

2. Learnt everyday and pushed myself to develop skills I didn't have.

3. Empower fund managers to take control of their FX risk and act.

Shahid Bharucha.png

Shahid Bharucha

Market Analyst


Join a team, on a mission 🚀

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Product Coordinator

United States

Software Engineer

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