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Software Engineer

United States

Job Type

Full Time


About the Role

WE ARE the next generation of Cross border investment and FX risk management!

Founded in 2019, we are a fast-growing FinTech with the core purpose of innovating in an industry that suffered from a monopoly by antiquated banks. Our mission is to democratize cross-border investments through technology, allowing anyone to approach an international transaction with unbridled confidence.

Our team functions more like a family and has been constructed on the premise of accountability. Every day we hold each other accountable to SIMPLIFY our product, INNOVATE new ideas and DISRUPT the industry. As a firm, we value the initiative and push each member every day to ask themselves, is there a better way?

If you want to come and work with us, we promise it will be hard work and that there will be challenges that seem insurmountable. But we guarantee that we will be right there with you, from the top of the company to the bottom, working on the problems together to achieve our collective success.

What you can expect from the role


Proficient in some and experience with all; ReactJS, NodeJS, Python 3x, SQL, AWS and AWS Lambda

Experience with Foreign Exchange derivatives

Experienced and proficient with Bloomberg API (particularly FX)

Some understanding of machine learning principles helpful

Track record of multiple successful, deployed web applications

Complex problem-solving skills and analytic thinking

Track record of innovation and out of the box thinking

Education and Experience

🎓 BSc/BA in computer science, software engineering or relevant discipline

🛠️ Minimum 3 years experience

About Deaglo

We are looking for a talented Software Developer to join our vibrant global team on our growth path as we disrupt the global investment market.

In this role, you will be involved in the creation, testing, and deployment of our new FX risk management platform, which takes the tools we have been creating and using with some of the largest investment funds and corporations in the world and democratizes them.

Working with Deaglo, you will gain unparalleled experience in software development and business and will be mentored by former NASA scientist, Paul Stafford. We are a remote working team, spread across the world, dedicated to creating the gold standard for FX risk management.

What you can expect from the role

We want you to be prepared to be a leader and work on projects that are going to have an impact on the company’s success.

- Collaborate with product design and marketing teams to formulate specifications
- Transform software designs and specifications into high functioning code for FX-related financial applications
- Develop and deploy to test and production environments
- Fix bugs, resolve user-submitted problems and questions
- Maintain code documentation and Git

We know that a motivated team is essential to building a successful business. We strive to integrate our employees with leadership through culture, communication, and responsibility. Through OKR’s, we encourage all of our employees to set both personal and business objectives that are aligned with the firm’s goals and work together to achieve them. You will be expected to continually self educate and improve yourself and utilize this knowledge to better perform your roles.

Want to apply to a role at Deaglo?

Please send us an email with your resume and answer the following questions:

​❓ Why do you want to work at Deaglo? Please try to be as tangible as possible about the type of work you would like to see yourself doing.

❓ What are the strengths you can bring to the table?

❓ What are the weaknesses that you need to work on?

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