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Why are foreign investors 

demanding hedged share classes

from Brazilian Fund Managers? 

A Depreciating Currency

The BRL is one of the worlds worst performing currencies against the USD, losing almost 75% over the last 10 years. This means that long and short-term investors are at risk with an extremely high annual volatility of around 19%.


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3 years 

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5 years

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7 years

10 years

More Issues on the Horizon

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The pandemic continues to claim thousands of lives. The latest data showed that the death three-day moving average reached a peak of 2,269.

How We Help Our Clients


Lower Costs

We saved our clients $7m in Spot and hedging fees last year.


Attract More Investors

Through our foreign share classes, our clients were able to raise 300% from their foreign investors


Stabilize Returns

Using our long terms hedging strategies our clients are able to effectively estimate their returns with ease.


Boost Returns

Our hedged share classes have been shown to outperform unhedged share classes in positive, neutral and negative market skews.

How it Works


1 - Book a Free Consultation

Get in touch through our website and one of our experts will respond shortly.


2 - Quantify your FX Risk

Our experts will learn about your business or foreign investments, identify your currency exposure and help you to understand it's implications.


3 - Reduce your FX Risk

Using our proprietary technology, we'll compare and contrast different strategies that will reduce your risk in the most cost effective way, whilst introducing new trading and hedging terms to boost returns. 

$35bn +

In total client AUM


Average reduction in FX costs


Raised into Deaglo supported share classes



In FX flow

In total FX savings 

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