Marketing Administrator

Paid Internship | 6 Months | UK (Remote)

What are we looking for?


We are looking for a driven Marketing Administrator Intern to join our European based team. In this role, you will be involved in the exciting prospect of implementing and expanding the marketing functions of Deaglo, and improving the engagement on all media platforms.




You will work with the Chief Marketing Officer to implement a new marketing strategy for the firm and improve the existing marketing functions.


You will be expected to be involved with:


  • Creating and running Linkedin ads and google ads marketing campaigns, in line with market research and trends

  • Improve website functionality and SEO

  • Create videos, graphics, and content relevant to our target audience.

  • Manage all social media channels and post FX and finance-related content multiple times a day

  • Develop direct marketing and client engagement strategy

  • Keep up to date with global markets and provide updates to clients.

  • Update key marketing tags on Mailchimp for more focussed plans.

  • Consolidating and redeveloping sales material.

  • Engaging with journalists to improve Deaglos PR.

  • Provide statistical focussed end of monthly reports on Marketing success

  • Coordinate with other team members on the creation and distribution of written content.


At Deaglo, we empower Finance Teams to take control of their FX, we do that by being experts in the space. You will be expected to educate yourself on global markets and utilize this knowledge to better perform your services.


We know that a motivated team is essential to building a successful business. We strive to integrate our employees with leadership through culture, communication and responsibility. Through OKR’s, we encourage all of our employees to set personal objectives that are aligned with the firm’s goals and work together to achieve them.


For someone to succeed in this role we will be looking for;


  • Native English, fluency in other languages would be beneficial 

  • A keen interest in economics and global markets  

  • Fantastic written and speaking skills 

  • Experience with GoogleAds and Linkedin Campaign Manager

  • Experience improving SEO

  • Experience running social media platforms and developing written content.


The most important trait is a strong work ethic and a desire to always improve.




Your performance will be measured against OKRs that have been set by you in conjunction with your team and the wider business. The main element of your OKRs will be centered around completing tasks that contribute to the wider benefit of the firm and your personal development.



  • Paid internship - to be paid at the end of the month.

  • If goals are reached at the end of the internship, then there will be an additional bonus at the management’s discretion.


Who are we?


We are a cross border advisory firm specializing in the execution and risk management of cross border transactions. Our beginnings derive out of frustration in the current FX payment providers’ lack of in-depth analysis to advise their clients on strategies. Deaglo has two arms to the business, Risk Management Technology and Execution, these departments are closely intertwined, and we use our expertise in risk management to better advise our clients on their execution.


We specialize in working with Investment clients, corporations, and private individuals and look to educate and empower them to take control of their FX risk and execution. 


We are a young and vibrant company focused on hard work and trust to achieve our collective goals and the growth of our client base. We are a team orientated firm that looks at every employee as an important part of the foundation of the firm and will work together to give each employee all the tools to be successful.

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