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Negotiation & Execution 

Why Negotiation & Execution are vital

Counterparty documents and onboarding is a vital part of a successful relationship with a new banking partner. This process is generally overlooked in its complexity and consumption of time for completion. Fortunately, Deaglo's team has a comprehensive understanding of industry dealers, agreement types, onboarding procedures and have first-hand experience negotiating as both customer and dealer.


This turn-key solution provides our clients with a unique perspective and time-saving techniques that provide a holistic, strategic and pragmatic approach. As part of our overall advisory service, we can manage and navigate the legal, credit, finance, trading and operational hurdles embedded within this process.

- Financing/execution/custody term sheets

- ISDA Master Agreements and Schedules

- Credit Support Annexes

- Master Confirmations

- Bridge Agreements

- Contract for Differences

- Master Security Loan Agreements

- Prime Brokerage Agreements

- Term Margin Agreements/Foreign Exchange Agreements

- Commodity Futures Account Agreements

- Institutional Options Agreements 

- Introducing Broker Clearing Account Agreements 

- Vendor Service Level/License Agreements

Risk Analysis

Perform in-depth analysis of each document and recommend appropriate courses of action, best practices and achievable goals with each counterparty.

Provide a risk priority to each parameter and a practical roadmap to mitigate risks.

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Document Completion

Coordinate all KYC supporting documentation on day one.


Manage the credit review and account opening process with counterparties.


Provide all necessary follow-up between all parties. 

Negotiation of Terms

Perform an advisory role or negotiate on your behalf.

Utilize proprietary tools to efficiently identify client risks and track negotiation points.

Generate periodic status reports to keep clients up to date at every stage of the negotiation.


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