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Our mission is to educate, empower and inspire people around the globe to take control of their FX.

We do this for clients all over the globe

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Our Culture and Values

Our team has an insatiable thirst for solving problems and sharing the answers with as many people as possible. We believe there is a knowledge gap that shouldn't exist. Our goal is to make cross border investing and global expansion effortless by automating all that is possible. Our corporate objectives are set by the team, our personal initiatives are all aligned and we push ourselves and each other every day to achieve them.      


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We encourage our team to take risks to deliver ground-breaking innovation. We analyse yesterday, innovate today and anticipate tomorrow.


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We want to empower our clients to feel confident when making decisions about their cross border transactions. Safe in the knowledge that the decisions they make are justified by in-depth analysis. Relying on numbers rather than emotions.


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Our team works tenaciously to uphold the standard of work we set for ourselves. Through honest and open communication we work to achieve our client, corporate and personal goals.


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We love what we do and know that it matters. We are inspired by, and seek to inspire our customers and colleagues.

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Our Origin Story

FX Engineered

Our beginnings derive out of a desire to create effortless cross border transactions. We found that the vast majority of those that are not expanding or investing overseas was due to lack of ability to be able to properly quantify, understand and execute their FX risk. We set out to change this.


Through proprietary and innovative technology we are able to explain the currency risk your firm faces, and effectively manage this risk through optimized hedging strategies and simulating their effectiveness. We then provide finance leaders and their teams with the tools to communicate these strategies with stakeholders and investors.    

Our Rockstar Team


Ashley Groves

CEO & Co-Founder


Ashley came up with the idea of Deaglo after working in FX payments for 15 years and realising how ill educated clients were about they're FX and hedging needs and how easily the banks were taking advantage of this.

Ashley is passionate about building an innovative and forward thinking business which challenges how cross-border transactions are completed.

Ashley lives in New Jersey with his wife and two kids and is an avid rower.


Paul Stafford

CTO & Co-Founder


Paul is the resident rocket scientist on the team, because every team should have one. After starting his career at NASA, Paul moved to Hewlett-Packard for 15 years.


Paul strives to build creative solutions for our clients FX hedging problems. Paul's tools are used globally by fund managers large and small.

Paul lives in Montana with his wife and is a licensed pilot, and feels at home exploring the Montana mountains.


Matt Fotheringham

CRO & Co-Founder


Matt started his career in technology services sales before moving into investment banking in New York.

Matt promotes our services across the partnership network and works with the Sales and Marketing teams to hone and refine our educational message.

Matt lives in Madrid, Spain, where he enjoys playing football and training for his third Ironman.

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Markus Lampinen

Head of Product Strategy


Silicon Valley based fintech and software entrepreneur with 10+ years experience in financial services and 15+ years in software and product strategy.


Prior companies include Difitek Inc, a cloud based finance back office automating financial marketplaces from origination, compliance (KYC/AML) secondary markets and Grow VC, global fintech holding company. Advisor to several AI, ML, RPA companies.


Markus has built significant, comprehensive engineering and product teams and overseen the deployment of various digital finance products to market.


Matheus Zani

Risk Management Specialist


Matheus joined us in 2019 after completing his Masters in Economic Analysis and Finance.


Matheus manages clients accounts and provides up to date currency reports on FX exposures. Matheus is mostly focused on Latin America due to his Brazilian roots.


Matheus currently lives in Valladolid, Spain and is obsessed with mastering the art of making a Neopolitan Pizza.   

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Daniel Porto

Head of Trading and Banking Infrastructure


Dan is responsible for leading the Trading and Banking Infrastructure at Deaglo, and he is looking to establish our outsource trading execution desk to deliver to our clients the best in class FX and hedging solutions with seamless post-trade and monitoring capabilities to fund managers. 


Before joining Deaglo, Dan was responsible for managing over USD 25 Billion FX exposure across 9 managers providing coverage, advisory, trade execution and portfolio management services to tier 1 alternative investment managers in London. 

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Tammy Lee

Marketing Administrator


Tammy joined Deaglo in 2021 as the team’s Marketing administrator.


Her interest in Marketing stems from studying Business Management and Marketing in university, where she achieved the highest mark in the cohort for a product pitch for her course in Year 1. Since then, she has been striving to gain a deeper understanding as to how marketing can differentiate a company's branding.


As a Singaporean based in Newcastle, UK, she enjoys playing classical music and is currently trying to finish the Mount Everest Running Challenge. 

Join our team?

We are always looking to add members to our team in Sales, Risk management consulting and Administration.


If you think that you reflect the culture of our firm and want to be part of our mission, then please reach out to us at


We look forward to hearing from you.

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