Our Story 

Our beginnings derive out of a desire to create effortless cross border transactions. We found that the vast majority of those that are not expanding or investing overseas was due to lack of ability to be able to properly quantify, understand and execute their FX risk. We set out to change this. Through proprietary and innovative technology we are able to explain the currency risk your firm faces, and effectively manage this risk through optimized hedging strategies and simulating their effectiveness. We then provide finance leaders and their teams with the tools to communicate these strategies with stakeholders and investors.    

Our Mission

To educate, empower and inspire people around the globe to take control of their FX.

Our Culture

Our team has an insatiable thirst for solving problems and sharing the answers with as many people as possible. We believe there is a knowledge gap that shouldn't exist. Our goal is to make cross border investing and global expansion effortless by automating all that is possible. Our corporate objectives are set by the team, our personal initiatives are all aligned and we push ourselves and each other every day to achieve them.      

Our Values

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Our love for what we do is what drives us to go above and beyond for our clients. 

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We want our clients to feel confident when making decisions. Knowing that the decisions they make are justified by in-depth analysis. Relying on numbers rather than emotions.

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We have unique expertise in the creation of innovative solutions. Our curiosity will continue to drive us to explore more efficient and suitable risk management solutions.

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We stand by our work and put it through rigorous analysis and testing to ensure that we are delivering to the highest possible standard.