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The Runaway Commodity Train Raises Inflation Fears

Investors and companies are entering the second quarter of 2021 with a more positive outlook. As summer approaches, optimism returns, with vaccine rollouts in several large developed economies buoying the global market in the hopes of sustained re-openings around the world. Also, with economic activity accelerating moderately in 2021, millions of new jobs have been created. However, life remains uncertain with the ever-present Covid-19 pandemic continuing to claim lives, particularly in India, Brazil, and Japan.

Leading economic indicators such as purchasing manager indexes show that an economic recovery is on course. In the U.S., the Market Composite PMI Index printed 62.2 in April (Fig. 1), up from 59.7 in March, reaching the highest level since data collection began in October 2009. The upturn seen was supported by increases in services and manufacturing production amid more permissive pandemic measures and the reopening of many service sector businesses.

Figure 1. U.S. PMI Indexes. Source: Markit and Haver Analytics

Similar to the U.S., Eurozone Market PMI also posted upbeat readings (Fig. 2), with the Composite Index jumping from 53.2 in March to 53.7 in April. Manufacturing output grew for the tenth straight month, expanding at a rate unsurpassed in over two decades of survey history.

Nonetheless, both regions, manufacturing production was weighed down by difficulties sourcing raw materials and semiconductor components, as well as ongoing supplier delivery delays.

Figure 2. Eurozone PMI Indexes. Source: Markit and Haver Analytics

Bond markets have also priced in this ongoing economic recovery. For instance, the Benchmark 10-year nominal yields have been increasing and yield curves have been steepening since early 2021. However, this trend lost a bit of steam in April, after declining from its highest level at 1.74% at the end of March. Markets have started to price in a lower inflation risk after prices were not surging as previously thought, as well as the risk of the Fed being forced to tighten its monetary policy faded on the way, despite seeing a clear sustained economic recovery.

As a result of U.S. yield weakening, the Dollar Index which tracks the U.S. dollar against a basket of major currencies slid 2.5% during April (Fig. 3).

Figure 3. Dollar Index (blue line, right) vs. US 10-year yield (orange line)

At the same time, the recovery in commodity prices continued throughout April, with energy, metals, and agriculture indexes regaining their pre-Covid levels. The surge in oil prices that followed the Covid-19 pandemic crisis was a result of a brighter outlook. However, concerns of surging Covid-19 cases and renewed restrictions in India will drive down fuel demand in the world’s third-biggest oil importer.

Soft and metal commodities, particularly lumber, wheat, and copper, have also seen sharp rises during April (Fig. 4). Most notable are copper prices, which were over 58% higher in April 2021 relative to the end of 2019. The recovery has been driven by the improving global economic outlook, notably due to higher demand from China, as the country continued to boom in April from the record growth in the first quarter, with continued Chinese government stimulus measures, increased infrastructure spending, and improved construction and manufacturing activities.

Figure 4. Commodity Price Indexes. Source: Worldbank

Looking ahead, higher commodity prices are a further sign that inflation is set to rise this year. This could refuel expectations that the Fed will tighten its monetary policy in the near term, which might warm up the soft U.S 10-year yield once again and provide important support to the USD.

Furthermore, the market may be missing out or just ignoring it temporarily, but armed and diplomatic conflicts are springing up across the globe. Three focal tensions are bubbling away at present: (1) between China and Taiwan; (2) the continued build-up of Russian troops on the Ukraine border; and (3) renewed tensions between Iran and Yemen. Regardless of the outcome, investors might seek refuge in safe-haven assets, such as the USD.

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