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Our private client services team specializes in assisting individuals in acquiring or selling foreign assets such as a second home, business or a piece of art. As expats ourselves we know the importance of discretion, speed and security.

​Our full suite of services is available to our private clients no matter the size of the payment.


Our Private Client accounts are perfect for...

Selling or buying foreign assets

"We used our Deaglo account to sell both our UK house and buy our US home. The account allowed us to receive funds directly from the escrow lawyer and send to the seller."

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Wealth Transfer

"As an international family office we often need to make transfers to family members for a number of reasons. Deaglo has been able to follow the strict set of guidelines we set out at the family trust level and truly value their discretion."

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Regular Fixed Payments

"We initially used Deaglo because they were cheaper than both TransferWise and our bank. They also helped to lock in the currency rate for our mortgage payments and children's tuition fees. We can budget for the year knowing our costs won’t increase."

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Educate Yourself

Our Cross-border Content is designed to answer questions you may have about the world of cross-border transactions. If you have further questions that aren't covered by our articles, feel free to contact our team.

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