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Transform Global Transactions: Unleash Client Engagement to Boost FX Sales

Enhance market competitiveness through Deaglo to optimize client experiences, offering advanced analytics and supporting trades in diverse currencies and options.

Enhance Client Engagement & Global Transactions with Deaglo


Customize Your Strategies with Options Builder

Enhance your strategy with Options Builder, offering customizable solutions tailored to your needs. Benefit from live pricing and historical analysis, enabling dynamic adjustments for effective hedging without constraints of conventional methods.

Visual Hedging Insight

Efficient hedging strategies, shown through intuitive graphs, give a clear picture of reducing downside risks and preserving upside potential in both vanilla and structured approaches. With comprehensive visuals showing potential gains and losses, decision-making becomes quick and easy.
Strategy 1.png

Optimize Margin Management

The platform facilitates the assessment of margin requirement sensitivity across various hedging strategies, thereby enhancing portfolio liquidity management. Understanding the liquidity constraints associated with each strategy ensures that the client's treasury team adopts a proactive approach to managing margin calls and settlements throughout the lifecycle of derivative contracts.

Efficient Transaction Execution for Seamless Operations

Access realistic pricing via Fenics at any stage of the buying cycle, enabling clients to swiftly make informed hedging decisions and execute transactions seamlessly, whether online, via email, messenger, or phone.

Enhance Hedge Effectiveness: Reporting & Trade Recommendations

Differentiate by offering clients essential data, shielding them from competitors, and building trust. Enable swift decision-making and execution with direct payment and hedging capabilities within the reporting page, streamlining operations and enhancing satisfaction.

Simplify hedging concepts effectively

Our charts showcase a layered hedging strategy that mitigates currency risk and enhances cash flow visibility. By diversifying hedging across short-term, medium-term, and long-term horizons, we reduce currency volatility over time, ensuring financial stability and informed decision-making.
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Explore our tools

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Master hedging: Explore parameters and product performance

Explore hedging dynamics: Customize parameters and analyze product performance.

Strategy Simulator - Apr 15 (2).png
FX Options - May 8.png
Hedged vs Unhedged - Feb 23.png

Discover Deaglo 2.0:
The Future of FX Sales

Revolutionize FX hedging strategies with Deaglo's Innovative Platform. Unlock opportunities, maximize sales, and showcase expertise.

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