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US Dollar to Brazilian Real

Do you have an FX risk strategy for your USD to BRL exposures?

It's easier and cheaper than you think.

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We are trusted by some of the largest Institutional Investors and Fund Managers in the world

Ballybunion Capital
ADIT Ventures
Jive Investments
MGG Investment Group
IG4 Capital
Katch Investment Group
Spectra Investments

Do you know your FX risk exposure?

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5 year - Without FX Strategy

5 Year - With a layered FX strategy

Annual Volatility
Value At risk for every $10m

Annual Volatility
Value at Risk for every $10m



Calculated at a 95% confidence

How to manage FX risk for US Dollar to Brazilian Real




Quantify your FX risk

Test and compare strategies


Simply input your transaction details into Deaglo's simulator and see immediately how exposed you are

Through your own or Deaglo's pre-built strategies you will be able to determine the right FX risk management strategy for your transactions.

Execute your strategies at preferential rates and low collateral requirements.

Don't know what the best FX strategy is?

It's important to understand that FX strategies are transaction specific.

This means that the cookie cutter solutions offered by most banks and brokers in order to generate high commissions, are often insufficient or can severely damage returns.

We developed these tools to allow you to take back control of this conversation, and through analysis, you will be able to determine the most efficient FX hedging strategy for your international transaction.

FX Strategy Simulator

Are you ready to take control of your FX risk?

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