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Optimize layered hedging strategies with
Hedged vs Unhedged

Optimize hedging: Compare unhedged versus layered hedging strategies with real-time Hedged vs Unhedged

Discover Deaglo’s Hedged vs Unhedged

Use real-time, data-driven analysis to create FX strategies aligned to your risk preferences

Holistic Strategy Modeling

Stress test an unlimited range of custom option structures to determine the ideal approach for your situation.

Adaptive Risk Analysis

Modify volatility, skew and other assumptions to see strategy performance across potential market conditions.

Intuitive Visual Comparisons

Distinctive violin plots enable clear comparisons of return distribution across all evaluated approaches.

Seamless Options Integration

Easily incorporate flexible options modeling capabilities from Deaglo's FX Options Builder.

Efficient Frontier Optimization

Identify optimum hedge ratios balancing cost, risk reduction and return profile preferences.

Detailed Performance Reporting

Download complete graphical and numerical support materials for strategy selection and stakeholder discussions.

Take a tour of the Hedged vs Unhedged

Maximize efficiency with Hedged vs Unhedged Simulation in layered hedging

Tailor layered hedging scenarios

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Enhance your hedging strategies with customizable IRR analysis. Evaluate scenarios including volatility, skewness, and appreciation/depreciation, alongside forward curve shocks. Gain deeper insights for informed decision-making and optimized risk management.

Full service
client support

Deaglo customer support chat

Navigate effortlessly with a full-service help center, tutorial library, and personalized assistance from our client support and FX risk expert teams.

Analyze your returns verses hedge cost

Snapshot of fwrds in the Deaglo platform

Gain insights into hedging's impact on returns (IRR) and assess trade-offs between hedge costs and risk, measured by volatility. This analysis offers a comprehensive understanding of how hedging strategies influence portfolio performance and risk, aiding informed decision-making.

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Create Better, More Powerful
FX Options Strategies

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