Creating and Completing more cross-border transactions together.


Our partner network is made up of highly skilled firms and individuals who are very well connected. They play key roles in cross-border transactions and each partner brings a unique skill set onboard to help originate, structure, advise and execute cross-border transactions and business. 

Types of partners we work with


Placement Agents

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Investment Banks

Fund Administrators



With us, our partners are able to

Save Clients Money

Through reducing their FX costs

Increase Revenue Stream

Add a new revenue stream through our partnership.

Attract New Clients

We refer our clients to our partners when suitable. 

Offer Stability to Clients

Stabilize client foreign returns and revenues.

Our partner networks expertise

Our partner network is extensive and we are constantly making introductions and fostering collaborations.



Assistance with entity formation in tax-efficient jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg and Delaware.

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Global Expansion

We can identify and navigate the challenges of operating a business in a foreign market.


Marketing & Communications

Enhance your brand awareness with targeted stakeholder audiences identified by defining your firm's differentiated story.

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Capital Introduction

Access global capital by creating foreign share classes. We connect your opportunity to international investors.


Currency Administration

Simplify the report and operation of your foreign share classes and portfolio hedges through our technology partners.


Join our Network

Our partners are a global network of collaborative industry leaders in cross-border transactions.

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