Our partner network is made up of highly skilled and well-connected firms and individuals. Placement agents, investment banks, accountants, lawyers, fund administrators and consultants all play key parts in a cross-border transaction. Each of our partners brings a unique skill set to help originate, structure, advise and execute cross-border transactions and business. Our partner referral program was designed specifically with you and your clients in mind.



Assistance with entity formation in tax-efficient jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg and Delaware.


Global Expansion

We can identify and navigate the challenges of operating a business in a foreign market.

Marketing & Communications

Enhance your brand awareness with target stakeholder audiences by defining your firm's differentiated story.


Capital Introduction

Access global capital by creating foreign share classes. We connect your opportunity to international investors.


Currency Administration

Simplify the report and operation of your foreign share classes and portfolio hedges through our technology partners.


Join Our Network

Our partners are a global network of collaborative industry leaders in cross border transactions.

Sudden account closures or the need to quickly open SPV accounts 
Increased collateral demands (some banks require upto 20% in collateral to hedge)
Rising overall costs of contracts and basic strategies
Lack of FX risk management expertise available in house.

Why our partners refer to their clients to Deaglo...

Small to midcap companies and funds are underserved by their custodian banks due to:

With us, our partners get to...


Save their clients money by reducing their FX costs


Add a new revenue stream through our partnership program


Attract new

global clients

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