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We are Deaglo

The vast majority of companies and investors want to explore international expansion, but the complexities and costs involved make it difficult to even consider.


When we started Deaglo, we were inspired to remove the barriers to investing or expanding internationally.


We are opening up the world for business.


Meet the team

Matheus Zani
Head of FX Risk Management

Matheus Zani.png

Daniel Porto
Head of Banking and Trading

Dan Porto.png

Tatiana Berenguer
Events & Partnership Manager

Tatiana Berenguer - Partnership Manager_
Priyanjali Basnyat - Digital Marketing Manager.png

Priyanjali Basnyat
Digital Marketing Manager

Deusangela Lemos - Graphic Designer - Digital Marketing.png

Deusangela Lemos
Digital Marketing | Graphic Designer

Daniel Stolbov - Software developer.png

Daniel Stolbov
Lead Software Developer


Do you want to join our team?
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