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Become part of the global investing revolution

Join Deaglo's mission to help fund managers, investors, and corporates break down the barriers in cross-border investing and trading.

Private Equity as a partner

Help your PortCos save money on their international transactions



Increase their valuations and boost their growth potential.

Venture Capital as a partner

Provide startups with an additional service that will save them time and money


Enable them to perform international transactions in a simple and efficient manner.

Placement Agent as a Partner

Offer an additional service that saves money and time to your investors


Earn an additional revenue stream every time they invest overseas

Our Partners

Credit Fund as a Partner

We provide fixed transaction costs to your clients.


By using economies of scale, Deaglo is able to lower the conversion rates for each transaction that your clients make through us.

LP as a Partner

 By partnering with us, your GPs can help you hedge your investments against market fluctuations.

It is a great way for your GPs to help you save money by creating hedge share classes

Financial and legal service providers

Get an additional revenue stream while saving money to your clients


Network with funds, investors and corporates from all over the world.

Reduce transaction costs up to 70 %

Deaglo will allow your clients or PortCos to seamlessly send and receive payments globally.


By being a partner, you’ll not only be rewarded for your referrals, but you’ll be a hero in the minds of the businesses you refer—it’s a win-win relationship.

Get introduced to key players in the field

Deaglo’s private community connects funds, investors, Placement Agents, Lawyers, Accountants, Administrators, forex, and digital banking partners from all over the world.


We will help you establish connections with key players in the international investing field so you can fulfil your ambitions.

Add our FX risk management platform to your services

Expand your business offerings by including Deaglo's platform  in your services catalog. 

With our platform, they can quantify their FX risk impact, reduce it by as much as 75%, and compare and contrast the best hedging strategies.

Join Deaglo's Partner Network

Our global partner network of Placement Agents, Lawyers, Accountants, Administrators, FX and Digital Banking Partners are passionate about creating a better ecosystem to create and complete more cross border transactions.

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