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Decode FX execution costs with TCA (Transaction Cost Analysis)

Utilize our comprehensive FX Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) reports to empower your financial decisions. Benefit from unparalleled transparency into your FX transactions, and hidden costs, and optimize execution quality. 

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Enhanced Decision-Making with
Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)

Boost derivatives pricing confidence

Streamline your decision-making process by easily comparing pricing derivatives (forwards and options) and holding counterparties accountable. Gain confidence in your negotiations and ensure optimal pricing for your transactions.

Maximize FX execution efficiency

Empower your firm to monitor and optimize FX execution costs with precision through an independent TCA.

Ensure the best execution compliance

Best execution with regulations such as FCA, FX global code of conduct, and MiFID II. Showcase your commitment to good governance, building trust and confidence among investors and shareholders.

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Master hedging: Explore parameters and product performance

Explore hedging dynamics: Customize parameters and analyze product performance.

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