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Invest without borders

International Payments, FX Strategy Analysis, Hedging Execution and Reporting for Global Investors and their Portfolio Companies

Deaglo investments
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Deaglo's tools helped us to explain to our investors the FX risk associated with investing in Brazil and highlight the steps we were taking to mitigate it.

This meant we were able to make our investors feel comfortable and ultimately successfully raise with highly sophisticated investors.

Marcelo Martins

Managing Director & Co-Founder
Jive Investments



(LP`s, GP`s and Corporates)


In total combinated

client AUM


Total Client FX

Flow Since 2020

Invest Globally with Confidence

  • Reduce the impact of currency volatility on your IRR

  • Quantify and analyze your FX risk exposure.

  • Select and Execute the FX Strategy that fits you the best.

How we help you

Raise Capital from Foreign Investors

  • Protect your investors against currency volatility

  • Analyse, select and create the best FX strategy for your hedged share classes

  • Create In-depth reports to show investors you have their FX exposure under control

Help your PortCos Expand Overseas

  • Seamlessly send and receive payments globally 

  • Use FX Hedging to Stabilize ARR and protect their margins.

  • Analyze their FX Risk Exposure and execute a Strategy to Mitigate it

Venture Capital, Private Equity, Credit, and Real Estate Funds and their portfolio companies can upgrade their international investing process by using our platform.

Deaglo provides the support you need to invest with confidence.

 ✔ International payments.


 ✔ FX hedging strategy comparison and selection.

 ✔ Derivative execution.

 ✔ Strategy Reporting and maintenance.

 ✔ Research & analytical support.

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Deaglo International Payments

International transaction costs reduced up to 70 %

Our execution partners have been chosen based upon their aggressive pricing and credit appetite.

This means that our users are able to achieve the lowest costs and the best credit terms

Greg Racz - MGG.jpg

Deaglo has been a great resource, helping us formulate the appropriate hedging strategies for existing and new deals.

We are excited to use Deaglo's tools to help monitor existing trade positions and ensure that liquidity risk is properly managed.

Greg Racz

MGG  Investment Group LP



Vinicius Cunha - IG4.jpg

Hedging against FX risk added a level of safety to our offshore investments.


We used Deaglo´s tools to help us lower costs and reduce credit requirements, which has helped us to boost our returns.

Vinicius Cunha

Deputy Director
IG4 Capital

Start taking control of your FX Risk

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