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Crossing Borders 


When passion meets experience. The Deaglo team was built around the core belief that everyone should have the ability to invest overseas effortlessly.

FX Risk Management

Our advanced modelling allows our clients to better analyze, execute and report their FX risk.


We help create and implement a bespoke FX strategy, that stands up to board and investor scrutiny. Freeing up valuable time and capital.

Cross-Border Banking

Our Multi-Currency Accounts were specifically designed to handle every aspect of a cross-border transaction. In offshore jurisdictions such as Jersey, Luxembourg and Cayman. Our credit facilities can also extend out to the individual investment entities.



Deaglo is a cross-border advisory firm providing the next generation of FX risk management and execution. We educate and empower Investment and Finance teams to take control of their FX risk and manage their cross-border transactions more effectively.

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Foreign Share Classes

Boost foreign share class performance by stabilizing FX execution costs and reducing initial and variation margin. 


FX Outsourcing

Let our FX experts analyze and implement your strategies, as you concentrate on what is important to your firm.

Negotiation & Execution

We help negotiate fixed spread agreements, credit facilities and ISDAs. Helping our clients prove best execution and giving them and their investors peace of mind. 

Fund Managers

We work with leading Fund Managers with global investment mandates. Our alternative banking solutions were created specifically with our Private Equity, Venture CapitalReal Estate and Private Debt. 


Our goal is to simplify the physical movement of currency when raising and deploying capital overseas. 

Who are our clients?
Institutional Investors

We work closely with LPs including Foundations, Endowments, Family Offices and HNWI.


We are retained when investing in alternative funds and direct investments to quantify, analyze and implement a stress-tested strategy specific to the investment structure and currency pairing.


We understand how corporates must manage and account for FX risk, whether it be forecast or booked items.


Our systematic approach to risk management helps reduce volatility in your income statement, manage revaluation gain or loss, and integrate the two seamlessly with minimum workload for your team

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Our Cross-border Content is designed to answer questions you may have about the world of cross-border transactions. If you have further questions that aren't covered by our articles, feel free to contact our team.

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