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Empowering strategic risk management and proactive hedging

Empowering strategic risk management, data analysis, and proactive hedging strategies for optimized results.

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Crafted for investment and private markets, our solution boosts transparency, liquidity, and risk management. Clients maximize returns and business value by fine-tuning counterparty interactions, facilities, margin requirements, and fees.

A streamlined hedging strategy framework


Master hedging: Explore parameters and product performance.

Cash Management

Track portfolio performance and hedging parameters.

Strategy Simulator

Optimize strategies in real time.

Margin Simulator

Streamline FX strateiies in real time.

Hedged vs Unhedged

Optimize layered hedging strategies.

FX Options Builder

Create better, more powerful FX Options strategies.

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Discover Deaglo 2.0:
The Future of FX Sales

Revolutionize FX hedging strategies with Deaglo's Innovative Platform. Unlock opportunities, maximize sales, and showcase expertise.

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