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Simplify FX complexity with comprehensive solutions

Revolutionize FX Risk Management with Deaglo's Platform: Redefine transparency, trust, and value delivery. Deaglo's solution empowers you to fortify IRR, propel capital generation, and instill stakeholder confidence.

Your flexible and comprehensive solution

Elevate your FX risk management with Deaglo, ensuring precise portfolio valuations, seamless margin requirements, and swift FX settlements. Experience efficiency and effectiveness firsthand, tailored to meet your financial needs with excellence.

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*Margin-free solutions are subject to approval based on financial criteria and at the discretion of our counterparties.

Core Capabilities


Optimize Share Class Hedging

Mitigate FX risk for foreign-denominated share classes, aligning performance with the main share class.


Efficient Portfolio Hedging

Hedge foreign currency-denominated assets back to the base currency for optimal risk management.


Seamless Investment/

Divestment Currency Solutions

Efficient currency conversion and investment hedging for underlying portfolio investments.


Streamlined Look through Hedging

Our service offers flexibility, allowing you to customize every aspect of your FX program throughout its entire lifecycle, including hedge ratios, frequency, NAV triggers, tenors, and execution methods.


Efficient Currency Spot Conversion

Facilitate seamless currency spot conversion for invoicing, management fees, and other financial transactions.

How Deaglo makes a difference
in your FX risk management process

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