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FX Account Manager

Remote, OR, USA

Full Time

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About the Role

Are you looking for an exciting role at a fast-growing FinTech Startup?

Are you looking to change the future of foreign investments?

We may have the job you have been looking for.

We are looking for a talented FX Account Manager to join our vibrant global team on our growth path as we disrupt the foreign investment market.

We work with several large investment and corporate organizations and help them to help to reduce their exposure to currency exchange shifts, boost their returns, and raise more capital.

Although focused on FX now, our ambitions are great and our platform will become the one-stop shop for anyone engaging in international investment.

We are a remote team, spread worldwide, dedicated to creating the standard for international investment.

What you can expect from the role

Here are some of the responsibilities of the role:

  • Client Relationship Management: Cultivate strong and lasting relationships with clients, understanding their financial objectives, and providing personalized support.

  • Tech Adoption: Drive the adoption of our cutting-edge Deaglo FX Risk Management platform among clients. Educate clients on the features and benefits of the platform through webinars, video tutorials, and other educational initiatives.

  • Bespoke Hedging Strategies: Develop and execute tailored hedging strategies that address the unique requirements and risk profiles of our clients in the investment industry and corporate space.

  • Market Communication: Communicate market insights and views to both internal teams and external clients to assist them in making well-informed risk management decisions. Provide timely market updates, technical analysis, and strategic insights to clients, enabling them to stay informed about market developments.

  • Portfolio Management Position: Efficiently and accurately oversee and handle clients' portfolio positions, both historical and outstanding, along with their orders. Ensure smooth execution of transactions to effectively manage the portfolios.


  • Proven track record in designing and implementing bespoke hedging strategies. At least 3 years of professional experience within the FX industry.

  • Strong understanding of financial markets and ability to convey complex market themes in a clear and concise manner.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to effectively build and maintain client relationships.

  • Knowledge of various derivatives products (Forwards, NDFs, Options and Swaps) and the ability to cross-sell effectively.

  • Analytical mindset with the ability to provide technical analysis and insights.

About Deaglo

Founded in 2019, Deaglo is a fast-growing FinTech with the core purpose of revolutionizing cross-border investments. Our mission is to democratize cross-border investments through technology, allowing anyone to approach an international transaction with unbridled confidence.

Our team is very collaborative and supportive. We go out of our way to help others where we can and are non-judgmental. We continually work to create an environment that makes every individual want to go above and beyond but doesn’t demand it. We want everyone to be passionate about what they do every day.

We know that a motivated team is essential to building a successful business. We strive to integrate our employees with leadership through culture, communication, and responsibility. Through OKR’s, we encourage all of our employees to set both personal and business objectives that are aligned with the firm’s goals and work together to achieve them. You will be expected to continually self-educate and improve yourself and utilize this knowledge to perform your roles better.

We seek to create an environment that challenges you in accordance with your skills and just a little beyond. We guarantee that we will be right there with you, from the top of the company to the bottom, working on the problems together to achieve our collective success.

Want to apply to a role at Deaglo?

Please send us an email with your resume and answer the following questions:

​❓ Why do you want to work at Deaglo? Please try to be as tangible as possible about the type of work you would like to see yourself doing.

❓ What are the strengths you can bring to the table?

❓ What are the weaknesses that you need to work on?

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