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Legal and Financial Services as Partners

If you provide services to GPs, LPs, or International Corporates we want to team up with you.

By adding our FX Platform to your offering, you can expand your portfolio of services and strengthen the relationship with your clients.

Benefits for your Clients

Reduced international transaction costs up to 70 %

Enhanced ability to raise and deploy capital internationally

FX risk impact reduced up to 75 %

Create Bulletproof Relationships with your Clients

With our platform, they can quantify their FX risk impact, reduce it by as much as 75%, and compare and contrast the best hedging strategies.

By being a partner, you’ll not only be rewarded for your referrals, but you’ll be a hero in the minds of the businesses you refer—it’s a win-win relationship.

Get Introduced to New Possible Clients

Deaglo’s private community connects funds, investors, Placement Agents, Lawyers, Accountants, Administrators, forex, and digital banking partners from all over the world.


We will introduce you to key players in the international investing field so you can achieve your goals.

More than 400,000 $ on referral fees in 2021

We are looking for talented collaborators who seek the best conditions for their clients.


In addition to getting paid for each referred client who joins our platform, you will receive passive income as long as your referrals remain working with us.

Join Deaglo's Partner Network

Our global partner network of Placement Agents, Lawyers, Accountants, Administrators, FX and Digital Banking Partners are passionate about creating a better ecosystem to create and complete more cross border transactions.

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