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Make sure GPs are protecting your returns

Foreign Currency (FX) can eradicate your returns while investing overseas. Become a partner and make sure your GPs are safeguarding your investments from FX exposure.

Why your GPs need to work with Deaglo

Venture Capital, Private Equity, Credit, and Real Estate Funds and their portfolio companies can benefit from using our FX risk management platform.

Deaglo provides your GPs with the tools they need to invest with confidence

 ✔ International payments.


 SPV Banking

 ✔ Currency Hedged Share Classes

 ✔ Asset Level Hedging

 ✔ Capital Call Hedging

Why LPs Partner with Deaglo

Stop letting FX affect your returns.

If you don't manage your foreign currency properly, it can wipe out your returns.  


By introducing Deaglo to your GPs, they will be able to choose and execute the best FX management strategies to minimize its impact on your IRR.

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Equip your GPs for success

Deaglo provides GPs with the tools they need in order to make international payments, compare and select the best hedging strategy, execute derivatives and create detailed reports.

Preferential Pricing

Partnering with our company allows LPs to offer preferential pricing on hedging strategies to their GPs and portfolio companies, adding value to the relationship and demonstrating a commitment to their success.

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