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Swiss Franc: Weekly Report

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Currency Movements | This week saw small but mighty gains for the Swissie, pushing the CHF|USD pair upward to 1.0972 today (+0.22%). A combination of weak USD movement and local Swiss economic data made the Swissie just that little bit more appetizing to market participants.

KOF Leading Indicators, a composite leading indicator of Swiss GDP growth, frisbee flopped well above forecasts of 119.5, reaching heights of 134. Economic optimism in Switzerland continues to grow as hopes for a strong rebound in 2021 continue to manifest. Just a matter of time before we’re all wearing Rolex watches and sipping on espresso in the Alps.

Get Hedged! | Over the past 12 months, the CHF|USD pair has seen annual volatility at 6.67%, as seen on Deaglo’s spot history chat below. If your fund is interested in raising capital in a foreign jurisdiction, implementing a Foreign Share Class Hedging solution can lower volatility to 1.02%. In turn, this will boost returns, attract more foreign investors, and cut down on collateral drag.

Macroeconomic Data Front |

  • March’s Retail Sales YoY was posted today at 22.6% as we reflect back on a Covid stricken economy. Things appear to be chugging along nicely.

  • April’s KOF Leading Indicators surprised the market today after posting a figure of 134; forecasts were 119.5.

Upcoming Macroeconomic Data |

  • April’s Manufacturing PMI (due 03 MAY)

  • Q2 Consumer Confidence (due 04 MAY)

  • April’s Inflation Rate YoY (due 05 MAY)

  • April’s Unemployment Rate (due 07 MAY)

  • April’s Foreign Exchange Reserves (due 07 MAY)

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