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Press Release - Deaglo launches to modernize and mitigate the FX risk of cross-border transactions

01/15/20 (New York) - Deaglo, the cross-border advisory firm that provides the next generation of innovative FX execution and risk management solutions to institutional investors, investment managers, multinational corporations and private clients, is proud to announce it has officially launched. The firm’s aim is to educate and empower CFOs to take control of their FX risk and manage their cross-border transactions more effectively.

Ashley Groves, CEO & Founder, said: “Investors are increasingly looking overseas for deal making opportunities, yet in many cases don’t have the inhouse expertise to quantify and manage their FX risk. Unfortunately, traditional approaches to managing these risks, which have been monopolized by the banks, are opaque, cumbersome and expensive, and as such, have become obsolete. Deaglo was founded with the sole purpose of educating CFOs and their teams, and providing them with a clear plan and the appropriate cutting-edge analytical tools to make cross-border transactions effortless.”

Deaglo provides firms of any size with a range of innovative and industry-leading solutions, currently on available to, or being utilized by, the world’s largest and most sophisticated investors and corporations. In a recent survey of 100 global private equity deal makers, 45% of them realized deal value through revenue enhancement and 80% of transactions that utilized a formalized approach to creating deal value delivered material returns. Deaglo was launched with the aim of enhancing clients’ revenues and creating deal value through appropriate FX risk management.

Deaglo’s solutions employ the latest machine learning and algorithmic techniques to simplify and execute cross-border transactions with unparalleled efficiency. Alongside cheaper and more transparent FX execution, and the ability to open a multi-currency account in just one day, Deaglo has seen strong interest for the following cutting-edge solutions:

  • Hedging illiquid and exotic currency pairs can be confusing and expensive. Dealgo’s Illiquid FX Proxy Hedging solution uses a unique application of Bayesian regression to identify a basket of currencies with sufficient correlations to act as a proxy, which mirrors the target illiquid currency and is cheaper to hedge.

  • Traditional options hedging strategies offered by the banks to account for deal failure during the due diligence stage of an acquisition are often costly and inflexible. Deaglo’s Deal Contingent Hedging solution limits FX losses or cancellation costs on any type of cross-border acquisition via a proprietary optimum basket hedging tool.

  • Identifying and quantifying the most efficient portfolio hedge for a portfolio consisting of numerous FX exposures of varying sizes and volatility can be challenging. Deaglo’s Portfolio Hedge Optimization solution uses the firm’s efficiency frontier analysis to analyze a firm’s recent trades to achieve lower hedging costs.

  • Deaglo’s Hedging Simulations use a first of its kind application of a Monte Carlo analysis to help clients stress test hedging strategies against future volatility, and identify the most suitable hedging products.

Deaglo was founded by Ashley Groves, who previously led the East coast region of AFEX, one of the world’s largest non-bank providers of foreign payment solutions. Whilst at AFEX, Ashley was instrumental in doubling the regions revenues and developed an expertise in a variety of industries, including private equity, venture capital and real estate. Ashley is joined by Matthew Fotheringham, who leads the promotion of Deaglo’s cross-border advisory solutions across EMEA, with a particular focus on private fund managers and family offices. Matthew was previously a Vice President at Third Seven Capital, a boutique investment bank serving both growth-oriented and lower middle-market companies. Deaglo’s APAC operations, focused on firms making investments and raising money in or from the APAC region, are headed up by Clive Cooper. Clive has over 13 years’ experience helping investment banks and private equity firms source more deals and operate more efficiently. He joined Deaglo having most recently led worldwide sales teams at SourceScrub, Ansarada and S&P Global.

To get a complimentary Total Cost Analysis or Risk Analysis, and understand where you could be saving money or how you should be hedging, please visit www.deaglo.com.


About Deaglo:

Deaglo is a cross-border advisory firm that provides the next generation of innovative FX execution and risk management solutions for institutional investors, investment managers, multinational corporations and private clients. We educate and empower CFOs to take control of their FX risk and manage their cross-border transactions more effectively.

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