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Your Trusted FX Risk Management Advisory Firm

Protecting your international business from currency exchange risk in volatile currency markets is essential. Choosing a trusted FX advisory firm with advanced proprietary technology to implement risk management strategies for your cross-border transactions is the first step to reducing your exposure, saving money and attracting foreign investors.

Our FX hedging expertise and technology is centred around decades of experience working on complex international transactions for Fund Managers, Institutional Investors and HNWIs. Our clients save on average 65% on the FX fees when switching to work with us and our hedged share classes have raised more than $750m from foreign investors for our clients.

Why Global Businesses Use Our FX Risk Strategies 


Lower Costs

We have already saved our clients millions in spot and hedging costs with our sophisticated platform.


Attract More Investors

Through our foreign share classes, our clients were able to raise 300% more from their foreign investors


Stabilize Returns

Using our long terms hedging strategies our clients are able to effectively estimate their returns with ease.


Boost Returns

Our hedged share classes have been shown to outperform unhedged share classes in positive, neutral and negative market skews.

Deaglo Saves client $4m in International Port Investment


A US investor purchased a share of a port operation in Brazil in summer 2020. The Port was BRL-functional. In order to conform to international convention, grain-loading contract tariffs were priced in USD. 

The investment horizon was five years with the following projected cash flows:

  • The initial outlay of $75M USD

  • Annual operating flows of approximately $5M-$10M

  • Estimated proceeds at the end of year five - $150M


Deaglo took a Monte Carlo modeling approach to evaluate and select the optimum option strategies for each tranche. By modeling the spot market over tens of thousands of runs and evaluating the resulting gain/loss of the exposure and multiple option strategies, and using visualization techniques from the statistics world (box and violin plots), it becomes easy to compare and select a strategy. 


Deaglo saved the client $4m over 5 years and reduced 'Value at Risk' by 70-75% at minimal cost using a tailored strategy.

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How it Works


1 - Book a Free Consultation

Get in touch through our website and one of our experts will respond shortly.


2 - Quantify your FX Risk

Our experts will learn about your business or foreign investments, identify your currency exposure and help you to understand it's implications.


3 - Reduce your FX Risk

Using our proprietary technology, we'll compare and contrast different strategies that will reduce your risk and boost returns. 

Who do we work with?

Fund manager with dollar transaction symbol around him

Fund Managers

We work with leading Fund Managers with global investment mandates. Our alternative banking solutions were created specifically for our Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate and Private Debt clients. 

Our goal is to simplify the physical movement of currency when raising and deploying capital overseas. 

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Institutional Investors

We work closely with LP's including Foundations, Endowments, Family Offices and HNWI. 

We are retained when investing in alternative funds and direct investments to quantify, analyze and implement a stress-tested strategy specific to the investment structure and currency pairing. 

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We understand how corporates must manage and account for FX risk, whether it be forecast or booked items. 

Our systematic approach to risk management helps reduce volatility in your income statement, manage revaluation gain or loss and integrate the two seamlessly with the minimum workload for your team. 

What our Clients Say

Credit Fund, Latin America

Deaglo not only provided us with a flexible strategy that fit all our requirements but helped to communicate this strategy to investors and stakeholders. They were a key reason to our success in raising +200% more capital than expected.

Insitutional Investor, North America

We were purchasing an asset overseas with multiple different revenues flows. Deaglo's team identified where we would be able to take advantages of natural hedges and off-set some of our costs. Their work made the asset more valuable.

VC Fund, Europe

Deaglo showed us that on €4m worth of FX transactions, they would be able to show us €60m+ in fee savings. We didn't even know we were being charged that much in the first place.

Why Deaglo?

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$750m raised into Deaglo supported share classes


Average reduction in FX costs


$40bn + in client AUM


$1bn+ worth of annual FX Flow

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The next generation of FX risk management is coming soon.

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