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FX Industry Expert Paul Stafford Joins Deaglo as Head of Advisory

Deaglo, the cross-border advisory firm that provides the next generation of innovative FX execution and risk management solutions to institutional investors, investment managers, multinational corporations and private clients, is pleased to announce that FX industry veteran Paul Stafford has joined the firm as Partner and Head of Advisory. Paul’s focus will be on developing optimal hedging solutions for clients and creating new tools for risk management, modelling and data analysis.

Paul has worked in the FX advisory space since 2012, having founded his own consultancy, Currency Risk Management, after an 18 year long career in engineering. In addition to helping dozens of clients manage their FX risk, he has been published numerous times in leading industry publications on topics including cash flow hedging, portfolio hedge optimization and illiquid FX proxy hedging.

Ashley Groves, CEO / Founder of Deaglo, commented: “Due to the strong interest from clients for our consulting offering, demand for which has increased rapidly given the unprecedented FX market volatility of late, it was important we brought on board an expert to focus on this. Paul is highly respected in the FX industry and we’re very pleased he’s joined to help steer clients through these uncertain times and assist us in the continued development of innovative FX risk management solutions.”

Paul's engineering and programming experience consists of working at NASA's Space Sciences Division and Hewlett-Packard's Microwave Instrument Division. The quantitative experience Paul developed in these former roles enables him to create innovative solutions in the FX space at a high level. Paul is the holder of two US Patents, a MS in Engineering from Stanford University and a BS in Engineering Science from UC Berkeley.

"Ashley and the Deaglo team are laser focused on innovation and education within FX risk management, which is what really attracted me to the business. The group has extensive experience in the private capital and institutional investment space and I’m excited to be able to apply my programming and machine learning expertise to improving firms’ cross-border dealmaking. CFOs and their finance teams in many cases are still unaware of the hedging options they have available to them, and I’m looking forward to changing that through tailored advisory services." said Paul Stafford.

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